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Our solutions improve the quality, efficiency and accessibility of health care for the American people. We collaborate with federal health agencies to identify areas of improvement, develop innovative solutions and implement transformative changes to the health care system. We leverage data, analytics and technology to drive innovation and improve service delivery.

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Systems Thinking
Health care organizations can apply a systems thinking approach to develop policies and practices that are more effective, efficient and sustainable and better reflect the complex and dynamic nature of modern society. Systems thinking as a service involves understanding the connections and interdependencies of various systems, such as political, social, economic and environmental systems, and identifying the potential impact of policy decisions on these systems. Our team understands systems thinking as a service and develops solutions to help ensure health care operations and policies are designed and implemented in a holistic and integrated manner.
Organizational Planning and Change Management
Our Prosci-certified change management practitioners help health care organizations develop and implement strategic plans that align with their mission, vision and goals, and monitor changes in policies, programs and systems to ensure effective and efficient adoption. This includes identifying opportunities for growth, optimizing resources, promoting innovation and change and improving overall performance. We support organizations as they embark on large-scale transformation, helping to ensure operations are efficient, effective and aligned with the organization's goals and objectives. Our organizational planning services are guided by Lean Six Sigma principles, allowing us to provide the necessary tools and resources to manage operations effectively, including human resources, budgeting, project management and performance measurement.
Program Evaluation
Program evaluation services play an important role in strengthening the government’s accountability, transparency and ability to deliver results. Our team provides robust program evaluation to ensure the government’s health programs and initiatives are achieving their intended goals and objectives. Our program evaluations provide decision makers with valuable insights into program outcomes, efficiency and impact through a rigorous and systematic analysis of program effectiveness. We provide the necessary data and evidence to inform decisions at all levels of the organization, identify areas for improvement and ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent efficiently and effectively.
Quality and Safety
Ensuring health care quality and safety involves evaluating health care facilities, services and procedures and recommending and supporting implementation of necessary changes to improve patient outcomes. Our health care quality and safety solutions use a variety of evidence-based, data-driven approaches, such as Lean Six Sigma and Agile, to ensure that care provided to patients meets the highest possible standards. We promote safe practices in health care to minimize risks for medical errors, injuries and infections. Our team guarantees that quality and safety are at the forefront of services we provide to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and enhance public trust in federal health care systems.
Training and Experiential Learning
Training and experiential learning services help ensure the federal health care workforce has the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to carry out the government’s mission effectively. With our team’s guidance in developing and delivering training, federal employees benefit from opportunities to develop their skills, stay current with emerging trends and learn industry best practices. Equally important, experiential learning provides hands-on educational opportunities to help employees apply their knowledge in real-world situations. Investing in training and experiential learning supports the government’s ability to innovate, adapt to changing circumstances and meet the evolving needs of citizens. Our services in training and experiential learning help build a culture of continuous learning and development.
Data Analysis
Data analysis is a critical tool in today’s data-driven world, and it plays a key role in the government’s ability to deliver effective health care services and achieve its goals. We support government health care agencies in making data-driven decisions based on accurate and reliable information. Our data analysis service involves collecting, processing and analyzing data to identify patterns, trends and insights to inform policy decisions and program improvements. By developing real-time data visualization dashboards, we also help agencies evaluate the effectiveness of their programs and initiatives, identify areas for improvement and ensure they are meeting their goals and objectives.
Continuous Process Improvement
Continuous process improvement helps health care organizations adapt to changing circumstances, innovate new solutions and improve the quality of their services. Our continuous process improvement solutions evaluate and analyze existing processes, identify areas for improvement and implement changes to streamline processes, reduce costs and improve service delivery.

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